Masterbatch non tessuto per maschera medica

Acquista il nostro masterbatch non tessuto per maschera medica di alta qualità. Siamo una fabbrica specializzata nel settore. Scopri di più qui.
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plastiche speciali
granulo di materia prima plastica
granulo di colore piccolo
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batch master colore
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50 Ton/Tons Per Day

Descrizione del Prodotto

  Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask

Product Description

Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask
Color masterbatch, also called color seed, is a new special colorant for polymer materials, also known as Pigment Preparation. The master color is mainly used in plastics. The color master is composed of Pigment or dye, carrier and additive. It is an aggregate made by evenly loading super pigment in the resin. It can be called Pigment Concentration, so its coloring power is higher than the pigment itself. When processing with a small amount of color master and uncolored resin mixing, can reach the design pigment concentration of coloring resin or products.

Detailed Photos


Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask
Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask

Color masterbatch characteristics
1.  The carrier of our special masterbatch is the same as the plastic variety of the product and has good matching. After heating and melting, the pigment masterbatch can be well dispersed in the plastic products.
2. Do not pollute the environment and plastic processing machines.
3. Good dispersibility, adding a small proportion, saving production costs.
4. Color masterbatch is a wide of range applications.  Color masterbatch can be used to manufacture wires and cables, toys, textile and chemical fibers, blown plastic bags, packaging materials, tableware, plastic bottles,  auto parts, etc.
5. we can support processing customization and can customize and process a variety of processing processes and colors of PVC, EVA, PET, PP, PE, PBT, ABS, and PS particles according to customer needs.



Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask
Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask


Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask


Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask

Company Profile


Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask
Dezhou Ruicai Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a rapidly developing foreign trade enterprise. Founded in August 2009, the company is mainly engaged in the design, development and sales of pigments, color masterbatches, and other related chemical products, and enjoys a high reputation in the world and at home. The company's export business covers Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and many countries in Africa, and serves many well-known enterprises at home and abroad in the manufacture of inks, paints, coatings and plastic products. So far, the company has 2 branches, which are the production of pigments and masterbatches. Moreover, Our company can provide supporting exclusive customized services and product application technical support according to customer requirements for color and material.

Our Team



Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask
Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask

Dezhou Ruicai plastic technology company has a professional team to develop new products and digest and absorb new technologies. At the same time, it has the world's advanced chemical product testing process and experiment center, which is in a leading position in technology development and application

Packaging & Shipping


Non-Woven Masterbatch for Medical Mask
Lead time: Within 7 work days after receiving the deposit of customers
Packing: Paper-plastic compound bag, 25kg/ bag. we can supply the packing as customer's special requirements.




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